We don't know what's worse: That Craig Ehlo got arrested earlier today and charged with domestic violence, or that ProBasketballTalk used Ehlo's arrest as a reason to point out that, you know, he's the guy that got torched by "The Shot" by Michael Jordan back in 1989. Seriously, they included a video of "The Shot" and everything! Don't you guys think Ehlo is having a bad enough day as is? And then you go and ruin it even more by putting up that video? And then…

Oh, who are we kidding? Ehlo could be the first man to fly into space and land on the sun, and we'd still be all, "Ohhhhhhh, remember when he got bodied by Mike?!" Too bad that's the least of his worries right now, as he's got a domestic violence charge hanging over his head. SMH.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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