Written by James Lamdin

There are very few segments of industry that still manufacture true mechanical devices, and in a world dominated by digital, finding the exceptions that still work as tools in modern daily life can be a rarity. 

Automobiles and wristwatches are amongst the last holdouts, and fortunately neither industry has completely given in to the digital age.  Sure, most cars on the road today are soulless plastic people movers, and most wristwatches are junk digitals.  But for those consumers who still feel drawn to the purer age of mechanics, there are still traditional options with three pedals and crank windows; or a main spring and an escapement.

Both automobile and timepiece enthusiasts are drawn to quality products with history and heritage, which is why so many car guys also have a passion for timepieces – and vice versa.  Surprisingly, when the two segments combine, the results are often less than fantastic. To help restore your faith in the notion that automobiles and horology can be tastefully intertwined, check out our list of 20 well executed watches that draw their inspiration from automobiles, racing, and car culture.

James Lamdin is a freelance automotive and watch journalist based in New York City.  He is also the Founder of www.analogshift.com , an online boutique for a curated selection of exceptional vintage wristwatches.