After flirting with the idea of becoming the new president of the National Basketball Players' Association earlier this month, LeBron James ultimately decided against it. The role of NBPA president can be a very demanding one, and LeBron simply didn't think he would have enough time to devote to it. So he passed on the opportunity. But as it turns out, the NBPA will still have a superstar serving as the NBPA president moving forward.

In somewhat of a surprising move, Chris Paul stepped up late yesterday and revealed that he wanted to become NBPA president. And he was voted into the position by his fellow players with free agent Roger Mason being voted into the vice president position. It's a bit stunning since, before yesterday, we hadn't heard that CP3 was interested in the gig. But he sounds excited about the idea of leading the NBPA for a few years.

"I've been thinking about [running] for a while on and off," Paul said shortly after his election. "We're excited about the road ahead. It was something I saw as a challenge, something I knew I'd be able to handle. It's an unbelievable opportunity, a lot of responsibility comes with this position."

It sounds like the NBPA is in good hands. Good luck with the position, CP3.

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[via ESPN Los Angeles]