Chris Paul just received the title of President of the NBA Players Association. He might already start trying to make changes right away to the current rules for players according to TMZ:

Sources tell us … Paul is taking his new role very seriously and is already talking to players about his agenda, which includes: – Preparing a battle plan to fight any league proposal for HGH testing – Eliminating flopping fines – Forbidding any dress code additions/changes.

Some of these make sense, but might draw interesting feelings from fans. Penalties for flopping seem to be a major point of contention for everyone. It's also pretty hilarious considering Paul is a notorious flopper. The HGH testing also will be important considering all of the drug speculation going on in baseball. NBA Commisioner David Stern is leaving his post in February and will be replaced by Adam Silver. With a new union president and a new commissioner the negotiations going into the next CBA contract could be very interesting.

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[via TMZ]