As you may recall, Chad Johnson was given 30 days in jail back in early June after he slapped his lawyer's butt when Judge Kathleen McHugh told the man formerly known as Ochocinco that he should thank his representation for preventing him from serving time behind bars. Eventually, Judge McHugh got lenient and cut his sentence to one week. Soon after, a TMZ camera caught up with Johnson who appreciated the judge's punishment. But it didn't end there.

In a recent lengthy article from the Broward Palm Beach New Times, it is revealed that Johnson not only thanked Judge McHugh with his words but also sent her gifts in the form of flowers and "a pair of Louboutins as an apology." He goes on to explain that his actions weren't some form of bribery but rather "just how I am." Look, Chad, it was a nice gesture and all, but you really gotta think about who you're giving those red bottoms to. You're not in the NFL anymore, fam. You definitely don't want to end up on a part two of this list, right? We're just looking out for you, homie.    

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[via Black Sports Online]