We've never actually experienced it for ourselves. But we would guess that having a car crash into the side of your house sucks. Like, big time. But do you know what sucks even more than having a car crash into the side of your house? Having it crash into the side of your house—and then sit there for more than a month.

That's what a woman named Stephanie Beasley from Coats, N.C. is dealing with right now. A Pontiac Grand Prix has been stuck in the side of her house ever since the Fourth of July when a man accidentally crashed his car into her house going approximately 50 mph and knocked the entire house off of its foundation. And why hasn't anyone had it removed yet? That seems to be the question of the summer.

"I don't know," Beasley said recently. "Insurance agencies, they want you to do this; they want you to do that."

What they don't want Beasley to do is move the car…yet. If she does, there's a chance that the entire house, which is now condemned, could collapse. And, well, that would really suck, now wouldn't it?

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[via Jalopnik]