A little more than a year ago, someone walked into the home of Cal Ripken Jr.'s mother in Aberdeen, Md., shoved a gun in her face, and abducted her. She was returned just one day later unharmed. But despite having video surveillance and photos of the suspect, police have been unable to track down the man who abducted Ripken Jr.'s mother. So now, Ripken Jr. himself is stepping up and pledging to pay $100,000 to anyone who can help solve the crime and bring the suspect in the case to justice.

"I think in some ways, maybe this should've happened earlier," Ripken said late yesterday. "I think in the beginning…we were all hopeful that [an arrest] would happen pretty quickly and we were all encouraged. But, you know, it is what it is."

It seems a little strange that no one knows anything about the abduction of Ripken Jr.'s mother. But her family and friends are hoping that the $100,000 helps move things along. Let's hope they find the guy who abducted her soon and put him behind bars where he belongs.

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[via USA Today]