At this point in the NFL preseason, the biggest worry that most NFL teams have is who will ultimately make their 53-man roster. But the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are dealing with something much more serious right now.

According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the Buccaneers experienced a very serious staph infection outbreak recently that directly affected at least two Tampa Bay players. Guard Carl Nicks and kicker Lawrence Tynes were both infected with MRSA, a so-called "superbug" that cannot be cured with penicillin. Nicks has already been ruled out indefinitely because of it. Tynes had to have surgery on his foot this week to remove it. And the Buccaneers took every precaution they could recently to avoid having any other players catch the potentially-deadly infection.

"We had a company come in and nuke the building a week ago after the cultures taken from Nicks and Tynes confirmed it was MRSA," Bucs general manager Mark Dominik told ESPN. "It was a precautionary move, but we didn't want to fool with it. Our owners said spare no expense. We had the facility treated, and the league office approved of our actions."

We hope the treatment at the Bucs' facility worked and that no other players catch the staph infection that's going around. Because this is most definitely not what the Bucs want to be dealing with right now.

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