Johnny Manziel has some explaining to do. Just one day after an autograph broker talked to ESPN's Outside the Lines and claimed that Manziel's assistant told him that he would no longer sign things for free after an autograph session late last year, another broke has come out and revealed that he paid Manziel $7500 for him to sign memorabilia.

The broker—who told OTL that he met with Manziel in January during the Walter Camp Football Foundation event—produced two cell phone videos for ESPN. The videos show Manziel signing about 300 helmets for the broker. In exchange, the broker says he agreed to pay Manziel a flat fee of $7500. On the videos, which were seen by ESPN's Joe Schad, Manziel is heard saying, "You never did a signing with me," and telling the broker not to tell anyone about the paid signing.

Fortunately for Manziel, the videos do not show him receiving any money. So there is still no definitive proof that Manziel was paid for the signing. But this certainly isn't good news for Manziel, who is being investigated by the NCAA right now. And we're almost scared to see what other evidence is going to come out in the next few days. Manziel looks like he's in big, big trouble.

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[via ESPN OTL]