Durags are like unicorns nowadays. Whenever you come across someone wearing a 'rag it's something that'll stick with you for the rest of your life (if you're like me, of course). We felt it necessary to look back at a time when durags were the norm. Many of our favorite athletes rocked durags to either keep their cornrows from unraveling under fitteds or to keep them waves spinning. Allen Iverson was and still is the king of this. He's also the reason why the NBA had to implement a dress code. Guys like Carmelo Anthony, Jermaine O'Neal, and Randy Moss were notorious for rocking 'rags underneath fitted caps. However, guys from the new generation like LeBron James utilize the durag technique to keep their waves intact.

We also dug out some very rare photos of OGs like Sam Perkins, Spud Webb, Michael Jordan, and the Showtime Lakers changing history while rockin' 'rags. So bring your brush and can of Sportin' Waves along while clicking through: Your Favorite Athletes in Durags.

*The making of this list was done while listening to Memphis Bleek's discography and Durag Dynasty's 360 Waves.*

Written by Angel Diaz (@ADiaz456)