Hearing Alex Rodriguez or BALCO can stir up a lot of emotions and seeing them mentioned in the same sentence can produce a headache. Hearing about BALCO's founder Victor Conte and Rodriguez working together though is going to raise some eyebrows and some angrily shaking fists. That's precisely why the two met in secret last year.

The Daily News reported that Rodriguez sought help from Conte for legal products that could help give him an edge. The two met in secret because they knew their meet-up would bring negative attention because of their past. It's a shame Rodriguez couldn't avoid that, right?

When they met up at Conte's Scientific Nutrition for Advance Conditioning office, former linebacker Bill Romanowski—a player who was also linked to the BALCO scandal and the two put them in touch—made sure no one was around to observe the meeting. SNAC sent Rodriguez two shipments of legal products after observing his blood samples.

It's weird Rodriguez had to go through such measures to work with a guy with such a checkered past, but it's a bit more legal than dealing with Biogenesis and founder Tony Bosch, who Conte said Rodriguez called his "nutrition guy." Rrrriiighhhttt.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]