In the annals of "So-Called Fads That Forever Changed the World", skateboarding ranks with rap music for its sheer piss-off-the-parents staying power. The sport art has come a long way in its 50+-year history, but it still might be the most beautiful when it's at its simplest: four wheels, a board, and a hard surface.

Of course, it's also pretty damn beautiful when somebody (company, town, private person) spends a ton of cash to make places where skaters can skate things built specifically for skateboarding. And that's where skateparks come in. They've been around for decades, but the past few years have seen a proliferation of new facilities around the world. And yeah, skateboarding defies ranking (despite X Games "medalists"), but we went ahead and ranked the parks anyway (let the debate begin!). Still, there's no reason you shouldn't visit all 25 and judge for yourself.

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