Some people have all the luck. Taylorsville, Utah resident Lydia Palm is one of those people.

Almost two weeks ago, she won a brand-new Ford F-150 through a drawing that was held at the Peppermill Resorts in Reno, Nev. She considered herself lucky and gave her son the truck. But her luck didn't end there. Just one week later, she won another drawing at the Nugget Resort in West Wendover, Nev. This time, she won a Ford Focus. And while she's planning on trading it in immediately because it's a manual transmission and she wants an automatic, it's still pretty insane that she won not one but two automobiles in the span of just one week.

"Sunday the truck, and then the next Sunday the car," she said earlier this week. "My friends say they can't believe it, but then I showed them the papers."

How lucky can one person get? Well, she's going to try and answer that question this weekend when she goes back to the Nugget to enter another drawing.

"Maybe go to Wendover?" she said. "Win another car."

No way, right? Er, we'll let you know on Monday.

[via KSL]