Back in March, New York Giants defensive tackle Shaun Rogers had $400,000 worth of jewelry stolen from his hotel room at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. He took a woman back to his room following a night at the club and, when he woke up the next morning, he realized that his stuff was gone. Rogers filed a report for the stolen jewels—which included $100,000 diamond earrings and two watches worth $160,000—and police looked into it. But nothing came out of the case. Until now…

According to the New York State Police, Subhanna Beyah, 25, was arrested late last week in Queens, N.Y. and charged with robbing several different men for about $500,000 worth of cash, guns, watches, jewelry, and other items. And they don't believe that she acted alone. Beyah was reportedly part of a team of four women who sought out men at nightclubs, drugged them, and then robbed them. One of the other women Keisha Clark, 27, was also arrested late last week when she turned herself in in Miami. But the other two—Johnnina Miller, 25, and Ryan Elkins, 23—are still on the loose.

So a word to the wise: Watch yourselves at the club, fellas! The scene out there is apparently pretty crazy right now.

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[via Sun-Sentinel]