Years active in the WWE: 1995-2003

He's done at least a dozen movies with your next chance to see him (though you probably won't) in Grown Ups 2 on July 12. He did get married to the former Mrs. Steve McMichael when he wedded WWE Diva Debra Marshall (as we already mentioned) and apparently took the wrestling home with him because cops were called to their residence due to a domestic abuse situation something she claimed was due to 'roid rage.

On a more cheerful note, the former star owns a 2,100 acre property called the 'Broken Skull Ranch' in Tilden, Texas where he lives with his, current, wife Kristin. He's developing a Broken Skull Ranch hunting scope just in case you ever wanted to open a can of whoop ass on a deer's cranium.

The dude's a natural born emcee. He hosts his own podcast called The Steve Austin Show where he's often talking with his former wrestling cohorts. It's surprisingly not bad. He hosted the revival of WWE Tough Enough where wannabe wrestlers get a chance at a WWE contract. You can currently catch him hosting his second reality show on Country Music Television (makes sense) with the show Redneck Island where 15 "rednecks" compete for $100,000 in a shameless Survivor ripoff. In fact try to get on the freakin' show yourself if you feel like it.