Years active in the WWE: 1992-1996

Razor Ramon (a.k.a. Scott Hall) has had his share of substance issues and legal problems. He interrupted a Roast of the Iron Sheik to berate host Jimmy Graham for making a joke about Owen Hart. That's reasonable if he wasn't slurring his speech and clearly hammered which has been a problem for him for a very long time. He's an alcoholic who's claimed to destroy eight different Cadillacs. In 1983 he was let off the hook for second degree murder due to lack of evidence. In an E:60 piece he admitted to doing it.

He's done several rehab stints, had both a pacemaker and a defibrillator inserted into his chest, battled epilepsy and takes 11 different medications daily to keep him alive. 

Also in the E:60 feature they showed a video example of just how far the once great wrestler had fallen. He did a show in front of 400 people in some dive bar where he was so plastered he could barely stand up straight (literally, he had to get two guys to help him into the ring). Then in one of the more candid moments of scumbaggery the man who set up the fight put him out there to fight because he "wasn't friends with Scott Hall."

Invited by Diamond Dallas Page to rehab in his house (like he did for Jake the Snake Roberts) Hall at least on the surface appears ready to pile drive some of his demons.