Years active in the WWE: 1996-present

If you still fancy yourself a fan of the league then you realize Mark Henry is just as prominent as ever (though this may be the twilight). In 2002 he won the Arnold Strongman Classic. You want to call wrestling "fake?" Go ahead. But he was the first man to one hand clean and jerk a Thomas Inch Dumbbell (172 lbs.), he can also squat over 900 lbs. Go try that at your gym and hope like hell your insurance doesn't have a 'Dumbass Clause.' He's impressed the strength training world so much that in 2008, Flex Magazine named him the second strongest man who ever lived.

On a sadder note, he was a pallbearer at Michael Clark Duncan's funeral (whom he met while powerlifting). We couldn't think of a better dude to hoist a casket. But always end on a good note: Last year he joined the International Sports Hall of Fame along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Randy Couture, and Jack Lalanne.