Say hello to Beastie. Believe it or not, Beastie is a bicycle. And it's not just any bicycle. It's a bicycle that cyclist Graeme Obree (aka the "Flying Scotsman") is hoping to use to break the man-powered speed record in one day. It looks a little weird—like, really weird—and it requires a push in order to get started. But once it gets going, it can travel up to 50 MPH. Obree will need to make some adjustments on Beastie if he wants to break the world record of 83 MPH. But it's pretty interesting to see how fast he's able to go, despite the fact that you can't see him moving when he's inside of it. Beastie is, as its name suggests, a beast.

Peep the video above to see just how fast the bike can go.

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[via Jalopnik]