Somehow, someway, you just knew the Aaron Hernandez story was going to come back to Tim Tebow, didn't you? Earlier today, the connection between the two was made.

If you remember, Tebow and Hernandez went to school together at the University of Florida. And as it turns out, Tebow actually witnessed Hernandez get into a physical altercation with a bouncer at a bar one night in 2007. The incident took place after Hernandez—who was only 17 at the time—reportedly had two drinks at a Gainesville bar and then tried to leave. A bouncer attempted to stop him and asked him to pay the bar bill that he racked up. But Hernandez refused to pay it and, when pressed further by the bouncer, he responded to his request by punching him in the side of the head and bursting one of his eardrums.

So where does Tebow fit in? Well, according to a police report, Tebow tried to intervene before the fight took place in order to keep Hernandez out of trouble. And when police were called after the fight, Tebow talked to them since Hernandez fled the scene. Eventually, the police caught up with Hernandez and attempted to charge him with a felony for his role in the fight. But the incident was later resolved and Hernandez did not receive a stiff penalty for punching the bouncer.

We don't know what's more surprising here: That Tebow was one of the first people to witness the dark side of Hernandez—or that Tebow was at a bar! Either way, Tim Tebow is now a part of the Aaron Hernandez story. Happy?

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[via ESPN Boston]