If you go anywhere near the Bridgestone Racing Academy, you'll be told that the school has been open for 28 years and that nobody has ever gotten injured or killed. This was certainly our group's first introduction to the school, before the instructors, the cars, the track, or the famed graduates were mentioned.

We then went on to learn that the track is right next to the one everybody thinks of when the words "Canadian Tire Motorsport Park" are uttered.  They told us all about how it was purpose-built for driver education, they told us that we'd be driving 2008 Van Diemen Formula SCCA cars, and they introduced our instructors. Then, they named-dropped the facts that Danica Patrick, James Hinchcliffe, Daniel Morad, and Danica Patrick (she came up a lot) had all trained there at some point. 

We discussed how they could spin it if one of us broke the safety record. "No customer has ever been injured!" Wood was promptly knocked on.