After the day of hot lapping, we were done with the Bridgestone Racing Academy, much to my lament, but paying customers have some options to continue should they want to keep going. The two-day course we just took is $2,495 CAD, which is, for this sort of program, a rather good price, but there are options for those to want to spend more or less. If you just want to get a 20-minute lapping session you can buy that for $295 and if you take all three days for $3,995 CAD, you're eligable for an FIA racing license.

The third day of training, we were told, starts off with passing excercises and learning how to participate in a rolling start, and culminates in a race against the other students and the instructors. It sounds incredible, and we made it no secret that we'd really like to come back and review that portion of the academy as know, because journalism and shit.

People who have completed the two-day course can also opt to come back and take the second and third days, get some private coaching, or just show up for another student race.

All in all, we were very impressed with the level of professionallism, fun, and education the school offered, even if being in front of a 180-degree engine in a thick insulated racing suit on a 98-degree day was freakishly hot. For more information, check out

Pro tip: Don't worry about the occasional spin-out; it happened to most of us. Take for instance when my foot slipped off of the dead pedal and onto the clutch right when I was exiting a sharp corner (seen above).