Who: Steve Czaban, Hosts the Steve Czaban Show (Yahoo! Sports Radio)
Offending tweet: @czabe: "Unqualified low level team assistant dies ingesting illegal drugs. "Ladies and gentlemen, please bow your heads.""
Date: 8/9/2012
Consequence: Backhanded Apology

Another radio dude who took things just a step too far, Steve Czaban actually went there with this tweet. We think the point Czaban was trying to make was that Andy Reid’s son didn’t die in a car crash or as a result of violence, it was a self-inflicted drug overdose. But a death is a death, Steve, and a man losing his son is tragic no matter what the conditions. This is a true cheap shot, and the fact that Czaban used Twitter as the outlet to get this message across sums up the classlessness of his actions.