Sports figure(s) involved: Patrick Ewing, Andruw Jones, Terrell Davis, Jamal Anderson, Dikembe Mutombo, Larry Johnson, John Wallace, Walter McCarty, Dontae Jones, Eric Bischoff, and Jerry Stackhouse
Year: 2001

In 1994, a crooked strip club owner was tried for, among other things, prostitution, credit card fraud and money laundering. During the trial it was alleged that The Gold Club (a strip joint in Atlanta) offered free sex to celebrity clients to encourage their patronage, which actually sounds like an ingenious marketing plan to us. Epic sex stories involving prominent athletes quickly surfaced, including a John Starks' romp with a woman in a private room, a similar tale involving Andruw Jones (only this time with two women), and, to his credit, a denial by Mark Jackson who answered "No, thank you, I'm a married man" when the owner brought strippers to a hotel and randomly knocked on the doors of Pacers players offering sex. Not surprisingly, Reggie Miller allegedly obliged.