Sports figure(s) involved: Mark Rogowski
Year: 1991

In the 1980's, few were more powerful in the world of skateboarding than Mark Rogowski. The popular vert skater was still dating Brandi McClain, had endorsement deals, and was one of the faces of the sport alongside stars like Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero. However, Rogowski soon found himself out of the limelight when vert skating's popularity began to wane and street-style skating took off. He didn't deal with the change well. Looking for an answer, Rogowski turned to Evangelical Christianity, and told McClain that they could no longer have sex unless she married him.

After she rejected him, though, Rogowksi became distraught, and during this time, happened to meet up with an old friend by the name of Jessica Bergsten. According to Rogowski, the two had been drinking wine and watching a movie together, before he came up to her from behind and clubbed her until she was unconscious. In the course of this one night, Rogowski would also rape and murder Bergsten. During the court proceedings, he admitted that he'd done it in part because Bergsten reminded him of McClain. We wish that we were making this up.