You know what's stupid? Stomping on a homeless man's leg after a night out at the bar. You know what's even stupider? Stomping on a homeless man's leg after a night out at the bar—in front of a cop! Yet, that's exactly what Rockets forward Terrence Jones allegedly did early this morning after a night out with friends in Portland, Ore.

According to a police officer who witnessed the entire event take place, Jones and a group of people walked out of a bar early Wednesday and were walking away from it when Jones approached a doorway where two homeless men were sleeping. He then yelled, "Wake up," at them and stomped down on one of their legs. The homeless man who was allegedly victimized by Jones complained of some pain in his leg after the attack but did not seek medical attention. But Jones was still arrested and charged with harassment for stomping him. He was released a short time later but is due back in court next Tuesday to answer to the charge filed against him.

What a dumb, dumb thing to get arrested for. With all of the good news coming out of Houston these days, this is the absolute last thing the Rockets needed right now.

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[via SLAM]