Attention, NFL players: Anything that you say or do on Twitter can be held against you!

Rams rookie Tavon Austin found that out the hard way a couple of months ago when he started following a bunch of strippers (er, or is it "strippers"?) on the social networking site. Even though he didn't technically do anything wrong, Larry Brown Sports called him out for it. And before he knew it, he was getting called into the Rams' team office for a stern talking to about his Twitter habits.

"Three strippers followed me," he told a bunch of high school athlete at Nike's "The Opening" event yesterday, "I followed them back. Next thing I know, I'm in the GM's office. Now I'm off Twitter."

Well, not quite. Austin is still very much on Twitter. But from what we can tell, his tweets appear to be limited to retweets of other people and mundane stuff like this:

So it looks like he learned his lesson. But we'll see if he still abstains from following hot chicks once he gets a few good NFL games under his belt.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]