The NHL was coming out of a lockout (no surprise) with the season beginning in earnest on Jan. 11. If you're a puckhead you may wonder why this didn't generate near the amount of intrigue or media coverage that baseball's work stoppage did. Our best guess is because it didn't result in the loss of the league's championship and also Gary Bettman was the (new) commissioner whose natural inclination was to withhold hockey at the slightest hint of disruption. When the puck dropped the New Jersey Devils butt-blasted the league's best record holding Detroit Red Wings by a combined score of 16-7 to sweep the Stanley Cup Series. Claude Lemieux won the Conn Smythe Trophy.

The Green Jacket was thrown on by Ben Crenshaw who won his second career Masters (the first coming in 1984) a day after being the pallbearer for his mentor Harvey Penick. Crenshaw (-14) bested American Davis Love III by a single stroke.

In the world of tennis, Steffi Graf won Wimbledon, along with the US and French Opens only missing the Grand Slam because Mary Pierce took home the trophy in Australia (ironically the only title Graf won in '94). On the men's side at Wimbledon, the trophy again went to the thickest eyebrows on the court (or the country, or the hemisphere, or—shit, look at those eyebrows!) It was Pete's third straight Wimbledon trophy.