On Monday night, the Rays beat the Red Sox 2-1 in a tight contest that gave Tampa Bay a half-game lead in the AL East. But the battle between the two teams didn't stop there. Shortly after the game ended, whoever runs the Rays' Twitter account decided to take a shot at the Sox by pointing out that they needed to update the standings that they have posted on their scoreboard at Fenway Park:

Yikes! Shots fiiiiiiired. The Red Sox didn't take very long to respond to that jab, though. Less than half an hour later, whoever runs the Red Sox' Twitter account replied to the Rays' tweet with this:

Damn. As if the AL East race wasn't exciting enough already, now we've got this "beef" to look forward to, too? Sounds good to us. With about two months left in the MLB season, the battle between the Rays and the Red Sox looks like it's going to be good one. Keep an eye on it.

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[via For The Win]