During O.J. Simpson's infamous murder trial, it was a black leather glove that turned out to be a key piece of evidence. For Aaron Hernandez, it's likely going to be a white hoodie that makes or breaks the prosecution's case against him.

Although police have a ton of other evidence that they are hoping will help prove that he murdered Odin Lloyd, they also discovered a white hoodie in a condo that was leased by Hernandez. The hoodie appears to be the same hoodie that Hernandez was seen wearing on the night of Lloyd's murder. So they've confiscated it and are investigating the hoodie further.

Oh, and that's not all. In addition to the hoodie, police also found a baseball hat with the word "SOCIETY" written backwards across the front of it in the condo. It's the same hat that Hernandez was reportedly wearing back on June 14 at a Boston nightclub, where he was spotted on surveillance cameras hanging out with Lloyd. So the hat could play a big role in the murder trial as well.

"The white sweatshirt could be used to assist in linking Hernandez to the scene of the crime," Bristol County detective Michael Bates wrote in an affidavit after a search of Hernandez's condo. "The baseball hat could provide the whereabouts of Hernandez on the Friday night before the homicide. This night, in particular, is a critical aspect in the timeline of events leading up to the homicide."

Basically, Hernandez might be screwed if the police can connect the hoodie and the hat to the murder. Then again, O.J.'s glove was supposed to be his downfall. And we all remember what happened with that. So...

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[via ESPN]