It's no secret that Russians are terrible drivers. But did you know that they're just as bad at shipping their cars as they are at driving them? If not, then let the video above serve as Exhibit A. It features a clip of a Russian cargo ship transporting 64 cars from Japan to Russia recently. And it is terrifying. Terrifying!

For whatever reason, the guy who operates the ship decided to put all 64 cars onto the ship's main deck without tying them down. So when the ship hit some rough seas, the cars moved all over the place and banged into one another. But the trouble didn't stop there. In addition to that, the storm that the ship ran into also caused 52 of the 64 cars on board to fall off the side of the ship and sink to the bottom of the sea. So when the ship got to Russia, only 12 cars were delivered.

Oh, and if you can believe it, that's not even the worst of it! The kicker to this story is that the guy who had the 64 cars shipped to Russia reportedly signed a document saying that he was shipping the cars at his own risk. So now he's got 12 damaged cars, 52 missing cars, and a huge headache. Somebody get that guy a drink.

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[via Auto Evolution]