It's a mad race to find something to repalce gasoline as our fuel of choice, and one contender is compressed natural gas (CNG). It may still be responsible for carbon emissions, but it's responsible for far fewer of them, it's comparitivley dirt cheap, and it's very efficient.

Now Ford has announced that the 2014 F-150 will be available with engine and fuel system modifications—$315 and $7,500, respectively—that will allow it to run on CNG. The $7,815 downside is obvious, but at 23 mpg on CNG that costs on average $2.11 per gallon high milage users will see an eventual savings. With gas at a national average of $3.80 as of publication, 100,000 highway miles on gasoline in a V6 F-150 would cost $16,521 while it would only be $9,173 on CNG, a difference of $7,348. 

If you're the kind of guy who puts 300,000 miles on a truck, go for it.

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[via Ford