What's more American than a car painted in a red, white and blue flag scheme? If the image of a fat dude in overalls and a straw hat sitting in a baby pool drinking a Bud Light in one hand and shooting a roman candle at the dog with the other, we feel you, but that's not what we're talking about. 

We're talking about the grand old American sport of taking a truck, jacking it up tens of feet on tires that are taller than your house, giving said truck a ridiculous name like The Grandiose Anteater, and running it around in an arena, crushing cars and ramping off giant piles of dirt. It's also known as monster trucking. We've decided to highlight some of the craziest creations that people have invented in the monster truck world, like the Reptoid, the Monster Mutt, and the Prowler. Here are The Most Insane Monster Truck Designs

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