Because Mini delights in being a bit odd, the company has unveiled three Minis designed specifically for camping. We're not talking about RVs or Pontiacs that shit tents here either, these are proper compact camping cars.

First up, we have the Mini Clubvan Camper, complete with a bed for one, a propane stove, a fridge, a heater, a TV, a shower and a detachible sat nav that's useful in a national park, as well as on the road. No word on where one defecates.
Verdict: Cool, but constipated.

Next, there's the Mini Cowley, which is British on British in a way that's not unlike making a peanut butter and peanut butter sandwich. This is a Mini that tows a camper, or caravan, as they're known in the UK. It's a bit more practical, but we still think that towing something with a Mini seems a bit sketchy. That said, this particular trailer looks sweet.
Verdict: Cool, but we'll let a few other people try it out first. 

Last, there's the Mini Counryman All4 Camp, which is basically just a Countryman that wears a tent as a hat. We're not entirely sure why one wouldn't just pack a tent in the car, but maybe some people are really into camping in floods, or hate spiders, or don't like spending 30 minutes arguing about how best to pitch a tent, or don't want to worry about the tent blowing away...okay, we get it.
Verdict: Cool, and actually has a chance in hell of seeing production.

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[via Mini