“I don’t like change much." That was a statement from Kevin Garnett during the Brooklyn Nets press conference where they introduced their newest acquisitions from the Boston Celtics. After spending the last six seasons with the C's, you can understand what he means. Now, at 37, a change like this was nearly too much for Garnett to handle and almost forced him to retire from the NBA. But after an hour-long conversation with one longtime teammate, KG had a change of heart.

Thanks to Paul Pierce, Garnett was sitting in the Barclays Center on Thursday, answering the media's questions about being a member of the Nets. As everyone probably knows, the Los Angeles Clippers worked long and hard to get KG and coach Doc Rivers on their team. However, after many failed attempts, the Clippers settled with just bringing in Rivers. “It’s unfortunate. But when I saw the Doc Rivers situation, I kind of knew the writing was on the wall," Garnett admitted. "I have my connections there."

Over time, the Nets started making moves to acquire Garnett, Pierce and possibly, Terry. With a deal in place, it came down to KG waiving his no-trade clause and that's when the idea of simply retiring came into play. After that aforementioned conversation with Pierce, though, Garnett chose to stick around and it looks like he's finally welcoming the change of scenery. "It was tough leaving (Rajon) Rondo and other things. But like I said, it’s a new chapter, new things to embrace. That’s what I’m doing.”

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[via New York Daily News]