A common criticism of New York fans is their constant sense of entitlement when it comes to their sports teams. Giants general manager Jerry Reese didn't do much to change opinions.

Look at the past five Super Bowl winners: the Giants, Steelers, Saints, Packers, Giants, and Ravens. If you've noticed, the Giants are the only team that has won twice. That's just not good enough for Reese though. He's put he team "on notice," and here's why:

All I know is that we've been in the playoffs one time in the last four years and that's really not acceptable for us. That's not our standards. That's not what we shoot for. We want to put everybody on notice, myself, everybody is on notice that that's not our standard.

The Giants have had a lot of lackluster moments that goes further than last year's disappointing 9-7 record. Who remembers that infamously blown game against the Eagles in 2010? What about getting murked by the Packers later that season, 45-17. Then there's getting blown out 34-0 last season by the Falcons.

Even with all those memories, having two Super Bowls and not being the Jets should be something to be proud of right? Do the Giants have a shot at making it to the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium next season?

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[via ESPN]