A lot of people already hate Jeremy Clarkson, because of his crude comments and crazy antics on Top Gear. Now, people have anothe reason to hate him, as news came out that the TV host made a total of about $21 million last year from his involvement in Top Gear. Just for a weird reference, LeBron James is set to make $19,067,500 in the '13-'14 season playing for the Heat. 

Clarkson didn't just make the money for being the host, though. His salary is actually a little under £1 million, or about $1.5 million. It goes deeper than that. He also took in about £4.86m (about $7.3 million) from the corporation he was involved with that was a joint venture with BBC for Top Gear's earning potential. And then he put another £8.4m (about $12.7 million) in his pockets, when BBC took full control of Bedder 6, of which Clarkson had 30 percent stake. Basically, Clarkson is really friggin' rich. 

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