Date of death: 9/23/1987 (aged 27)
Sport: Baseball

Throughout his career, Lyman Bostock was a skilled contact hitter with a career .311 average. In only his third season in the majors, Bostock hit .336 and ended a mere two points behind Dave Parker for the American League batting title. The following season, Bostock was playing for a new team, the California Angels, when all of a sudden, it was all gone.

Following a Saturday afternoon game in Chicago, Bostock visited his uncle, Thomas Turner. After seeing Turner, Bostock saw a girl named Joan Hawkins, whom he knew when she was a teenager. When Turner agreed to drive Hawkins and her cousin Barbara Smith, who was living with her at the time, to their cousin's house, Barbara's estranged husband, Leonard Smith, witnessed the four of them getting into the vehicle.

Leonard thought his wife was having an affair with Bostock since he believed she was unfaithful to him before. As the car with the four individuals stopped at an intersection, Leonard pulled up alongside and fired his shotgun once in the direction of where he thought Barbara was seated. Instead of hitting his wife, Bostock was struck in the temple and died shortly thereafter.