The train was estimated to be going about 118 mph (190 km/h) around the corner where it crashed. The speed limit was 50 mph (80km/h). The result was a horrific accident that killed at least 78 people and injured at least 140. 

All eight cars of the train, which was in route from Madrid to Ferrol, derailed in northwest Spain near Santiago de Compostela last night, causing a violent collision with a wall. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has already made the next three days a period of national morning. Two investigations into the accident have already been announced, as well, a judicial one and one by a team who looks into rail accidents. 

Julio Gomez Pomar, president of president of Renfe railway firm, made sure it was known that this train was mechanically sound. 

"The train had passed an inspection that same morning. Those trains are inspected every 7,500km... Its maintenance record was perfect," he said on the radio.

If you can stand graphic images, take a look at the footage below. 

[via BBC]