Make no mistake about it: Mike Miller's best days in the NBA are behind him. Long behind him. Thanks to a bad back and a series of other injuries, Miller is no longer able to play all 82 games in an NBA season. However, as he showed in both the 2012 and 2013 NBA Finals, he's still good for a really good game or two when it counts. So he should still be an asset to an NBA team next season.

Unfortunately for him, that NBA team won't be located in Miami. The Heat just decided to use the amnesty provision to waive Miller. On paper, the move makes perfect sense for the Heat, who will save about $17 million on their luxury tax bill next season by cutting Miller. But the guy can still hit big shots, and something tells us that the Heat might regret removing him from their roster at some point next year.

We don't expect him to be on the free agent market for very long. So who wants him?

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]