Nickname: N/A
City: Los Angeles

Lewis is arguably the greatest streetball player to come out of California. Unlike many of the guys on this list, he wanted to play in the NBA, but felt like he was blackballed. He was drafted in the first round of the '73 Draft by the Sixers but they couldn't agree on a contract. However, he managed to put 60 on No. 1 pick Doug Collins in a scrimmage by halftime. College coach Jerry Tarkanian said that Lewis was the greatest player he'd ever seen. Raymond played some college ball at Cal State L.A. where he averaged 38.9 points per game and shot nearly 60 percent from the field. Many say that he was the Allen Iverson of his day, and as a matter of fact, A.I. took home the 2001 All-Star MVP the same day Lewis passed from an infected leg. Life is weird that way.