Nickname: The Big Fella
City: Harlem, N.Y.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's NBA career was punctuated by the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown's Lakers, but make no mistake: Kareem was and always will be a streetballer. While leading Manhattan's Power Memorial Academy to three-straight championships, a 71-game winning streak, and a 79-2 overall record, Kareem honed his famed sky hook at Harlem's famed Rucker Park.

His finesse style seems to be at odds with the smash-mouth street aesthetic, but nobody should be at odds with a Rucker Park legend. He came up playing with Earl "The Goat" Manigault and Connie "The Hawk" Hawkins. Kareem was one of the smarter ones and took advantage of his superior skills, going to UCLA to play for the legendary John Wooden.