Nickname: Sad Eye
City: Philadelphia

Considered to be the greatest streetball player out of Philly, Sad Eye is a mythical figure in his city. He was 6'5" and by many accounts, he could do it all offensively: score in all ways, dribble, pass. His nickname was attributed to his demeanor, always with a poker face on the court. He was never too high, and never too down.

After getting bored with dominating organized ball during his grammar and high school years, Watson got the love back by playing streetball. However, Sad Eye caught so much wreck and beat the competition so easily that he got bored with it and quit playing basketball competitvely. To him basketball was just a game and he felt he wasn't as good as everybody thought he was because of his defense. It's amazing that he quit because there was no competition. Maybe he really was that good.