In the car world, paint jobs are frequently referred to ask ice cream flavors. Chocolate, cherries jubilee, vanilla, you get the idea. This got us thinking about what flavor the newest trend in auto wraps, gold chrome, would be, and we could only come up with one answer: the $1,000 Grand Opulence ice cream sundae at Serendipity 3 in New York City.

If you aren't familiar with the restaurant, it's the place seen in the movie Serendipity and is best known for its frozen hot chocolate and humongous deserts. One of the options is a sundae that comes topped with a 23k edible gold leaf, gold dragets, and Grand Passion Caviar. It's also got Tahitian vanilla beans, Madagascar vanilla, Amedei Porceleana (world's most expensive chocolate),Chuao chocolate, Parisian candied fruit, truffles, and Marzipan cherries, all served in a crystal goblet with an 18k gold spoon. 

Sound a little over-the-top? A little unnecessary? A little ... obnoxious, maybe? Exactly. Just like gold chrome wraps on cars. That's why, from now on, we shall call any cars with this new look Grand Opulence. Take a look at the worst examples with these 25 Obnoxious Gold Chrome Cars

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