If you've ever dreamt of being on flight with an all-female crew, you're in luck. That is if you're flying within India. In an effort to cut costs, Indian airline GoAir will no longer recruit male crew members. No, the company isn't being blatantly sexist (because men have it hard enough already). It simply costs more to employ men because they weigh down a planes more than women. Forty percent of GoAir's crew are men and they'll get to keep their jobs. But as each male leaves, the ratio will get better and better.

If the company is willing to go this far to cut money, what else will they do? Will they only hire crew members who weigh 120 pounds or less? Will they only provide a low-calorie meal to passengers to encourage them to lose weight? Or worse, will they get rid of meals all together? HOW FAR WILL YOU TAKE THIS WEIGHT WATCHING MADNESS, GOAIR!?

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[via Times of India