The baby boomers got to experience what GM cars were like when they had some real style to them, and anybody who has seen a pristine '69 Chevy Camaro or '70 Buick GSX knows exactly what we mean. In recent years, full as they are of insipid Impalas and octogenarian-special Buicks, it has seemed like GM lost its mojo. Then we saw the C7 Corvette, and knew that it had just been in storage for some reason.

Apparently, GM's European division has it, as Vauxhall just unveiled this: the Monza concept. It's a tribute both to the OG Vauxhall Monza, a rear driven fastback luxury coupe and the VXR, a small turbo-four powered sports car that was inspired by the Corvette. This concept is previewing Vauxhall/Opel's new design language, and we're really hoping that the company is true to it, and doesn't water it down too much. After that, we're hoping that us Americans can get our hands on cars that look this good.

That said, it would look even better if the front right tire wasn't on backwards and if the two front tires matched. Since it's not going to be driven it doesn't really matter, but it is a bit silly.

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[via GM