Cops, like us, don't have eyes on the backs of their head. But thanks to Ford, they'll soon have the next best thing. The car manufactuer is patenting a new surveillance system for cop cars that will sound a chime, lock the doors, and roll up the windows if it detects somebody approaching the car from the rear. An officer will also be able to see the image from the backup camera in their rear-view mirror. 

It does seem a bit paranoid. Imagine the cop car going on lock down every time a cop's partner returns with his load of Dunkin Donuts. Still, it does provide an extra level of security for the boys in the blue. 

“It’s like insurance," said Marc Ellison, vice president of operations InterMotive Inc., the company that helped Ford develop the system. "You hope you never need it. But if you do, it gives the officer a few extra seconds of warning.”

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