One of my guilty pleasures is scrolling through the staff picks on Vimeo. It’s not the kind of guilt you get from mindlessly watching a bunch of fuckery from the descendants of the guy who got O.J. off. It’s just that I’m not really working to find something new. The Vimeo overlords are doing all the work for me, basically saying, “Yo, this is cool. Watch it.” 

In one of those Vimeo binges, I came across this video called Revenge of the Beasts. Sebastian Linda, a filmmaker with an intoxicating accent, opens the clip by talking about how he used to think the secret to skateboardersjumping” was magic. He eventually grows up and realizes it isn’t so. But, thanks to some talented skaters, coatings of colored powder on their grip tape, inspirational music, and slow motion, Linda is able to make “jumping” seem magical once more.

Without further adieu, I’ll pass on the message from Vimeo’s staff and say, “Yo, this is cool. Watch it.”

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[via Vimeo