Did you catch the 2013 MLB All-Star Game last night? If not, then you missed Dylan Masone running across the field. Yes, Dylan Masone. Not David Wright or Robinson Cano or Mariano Rivera. But Dylan Masone. That's who everyone is talking about this morning.

They're talking about him because, during the fifth inning of the game, Masone jumped onto the field at Citi Field, ran through the infield, and got tackled by a security guard before being escorted off the field. And why did he pull such a stupid stunt? Well, he did it because he got more than 3,000 retweets when he sent this tweet out last night:

Masone also shared a series of tweets with the world once it was clear that he was going to have to make good on his promise:

And finally, he shared this final tweet before jumping over a barricade and making a run for it:

This is what happened next:

Daaaaaaamn. Should have listened to mom, son! Not only did Joe Buck make a fool of you on national TV by chastising you for what you did, but you're also likely going to face a gang of fines for your actions. We know you were just trying to make your Twitter followers happy. But was it really worth it? Ehhh...

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[via Mashable]