As we told you last night, Chris Johnson and Devin Hester were involved in a race against a cheetah recently. The race will be broadcast in November as part of National Geographic's "Big Cat Week." But according to a cheetah expert (yes, a cheetah expert!), you don't really have to wait until November to see who won the race. That's because Johnson and Hester have absolutely no chance at keeping up with a cheetah when it comes to speed.

"I am not sure that there is really any way that the cheetah doesn't win this race," Liz Georges of the Cheetah Conversation Fund told ESPN earlier today. "I think it's always interesting when somebody wants to try and outrun a cheetah. Cheetahs are, of course, the fastest land animal and they can reach 40 miles an hour in less than three strides and reach speeds of up to 70 miles an hour at their fastest."

Translation: Johnson and Hester aren't going to beat the cheetah in a race. But that doesn't mean it won't be fun to see them try.

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[via ESPN]