If Dwight Howard chooses the Houston Rockets, he's playing alongside James Harden. Not bad. If DH opts to stay with the Los Angeles Lakers, he's going to call Kobe Bryant his teammate for another season or three. Sounds like a good idea. If Howard picks the Dallas Mavericks, he'll be paired with Dirk Nowitzki. All of these scenarios seem so good that understandably, it's probably difficult for Dwight to choose the right situation to put himself in for the long haul.

However, there is one player Howard reportedly wants to pair himself with and it's none of the aforementioned names. According to Alex Kennedy of HOOPSWORLD, Dwight is interested in playing with...Jose Calderon. Cue the collective "huh?". As Kennedy points out, DH "respects" Calderon's game and "thinks they'd play well together since Calderon is a good facilitator/shooter." Kennedy adds that the 31-year-old point guard may wait until Howard makes his decision before probably signing with that same team, which makes sense considering Calderon turned down the Kings' offer and forced Sacramento to pull the trigger on a deal for Greivis Vasquez.    

So, teams competing for Howard's services, take note. Calderon may be the missing piece to the puzzle that is getting Dwight on your squad.   

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[via Alex Kennedy]